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Parole - An Overview

This is the first of a multi part post that will address various questions I have received regarding parole. I will begin with an overview as defined by the New Jersey State Parole Board. For additional information, visit the NJ State Parole board by clicking the links provided below.


The mission of the New Jersey State Parole Board is to promote public safety and foster the successful rehabilitation of offenders through the implementation of policies that result in effective parole case management. A multitude of innovative parole initiatives assist the Board in addressing the needs of the community, crime victims, and offenders through responsible decision-making and supervision processes. These initiatives assist the New Jersey State Parole Board in meeting its important goals which include increased public safety, sustained recidivism rate reductions, and the successful and sustainable reintegration of offenders.

Parole 101

What does it mean if someone is on parole?Parole supervision means that the individual has served a portion of their criminal sentence in prison before being released back into the community where they are supervised by a New Jersey State Parole Officer. A person on parole must abide by certain and specific rules as a condition of their parole. If that individual fails to comply, are subject to parole revocation proceedings. 

How is parole different from probation?People on probation generally avoid prison, as they serve their time in the community from the beginning. A judge sentences a person to probation, while parole is an administrative decision made by a paroling authority. A probation officer supervises people on probation, while a parole officer supervises people on parole. 

What are the roles of parole officers?

Parole officers supervise people on parole to make sure they are abiding by the rules, and they also help people on parole as they adjust to life back in the community. 

Does parole reduce people’s sentences?

No, parole does not reduce people’s sentences. It simply affects the way in which a sentence is served.

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