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Parole Agency Divisions & Units


The State Parole Board receives information submitted by inmates or parolees, and will process the inmate's or parolee's claims for presentation to the appropriate Board Member, Board Panel, or the full Board for a final determination on the action or decisions being appealed.


Division of Community Programs

The Division of Community Programs is dedicated to developing, coordinating, and managing the provision of quality treatment and services to individuals under parole supervision.


Division of Parole

In New Jersey, parole officers are sworn law enforcement officers who work within the State Parole Board Division of Parole. The Division is responsible for the supervision of more than 15,000 offenders statewide.


Division of Release

The primary duty of the Division of Release is to evaluate and assess each of New Jersey's adult incarcerated offenders, and determine their eligible release status.


Office of Professional Standards

The role of the Office of Professional Standards (OPS) is to accept and investigate all complaints of agency and employee alleged misconduct or wrongdoing from any citizen, employee or any other source, including anonymous sources.


Office of Victim Services

The New Jersey State Parole Board encourages all crime victims, including the closest relatives of victims of murder or manslaughter, to play an active role in the parole process, to ensure the appointed Parole Board Members and staff are fully informed of the victims' concerns before parole decisions are made.


Revocation Hearing Unit

The State Parole Board's Revocation Hearing Unit conducts hearings when parolees are charged with violating the conditions of parole.

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